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DRC Standby Roster

Recruitment for the Registration Roster

The vacancies are open for approx. 4 weeks, and the recruitment procedure typically takes 3-4 months from beginning to end.

Recruitment is currently closed for the Registration Roster. 

The application process

Through the DRC online vacancies application system, we ask the candidate to upload:

After review and screening of all applicants, shortlisted candidates may be asked to undertake a written test.

Candidates who pass the test (if applicable), will be invited to participate in an online interview where knowledge of the technical area and humanitarian emergency programming as well as more personal topics like the motivation for joining the roster are explored. We may also conduct language checks during the interview.

References provided by the candidate will be contacted by email during the recruitment process.

Read more about the Registration Roster on

Becoming a member of the Registration Roster

The following qualifications and requirements are required for membership of the Registration Roster:

  • Minimum 5 years of technical experience 
  • A minimum of 3 years relevant international field experience
  • Proficiency in one (preferably two) official UN language. English is mandatory, while French, Arabic, or Spanish is considered a strong advantage
  • Knowledge and understanding of the complexities involved in refugee and IDP responses
  • Relevant educational background and preferably UN experience
  • Ready to work effectively under stressful and hardship environments

In addition, the following qualifications are taken into consideration as requirements:

  • Case Processing Experience (Protection/Resettlement/Assistance, etc.)
  • Experience managing data, generating, and analyzing statistical reports
  • Experience delivering trainings or participation in relevant trainings on data collection, analysis, statistics
  • Familiarity with UNHCR
  • Experience working with partners, including governments, NGOs, etc.
  • Any other relevant experience (information management, ICT, Business Analysis)

For Operations Data Management (ODM) specialists we also take into consideration the following qualifications:

  • Previous ODM experience (Data Processor or Data Manager)
  • Familiarity with tools and applications, including (UNHCR) Population Registration and Identity Management EcoSystem (PRIMES), such as:
    • ProGres version 3 and/or 4
    • Rapid Application (RApp)
    • Biometric Identity Management System (BIMS) and IrisGuard
    • Global Distribution Tool (GDT)
    • RAIS
    • Structured Query Language (SQL)
    • MySql
  • Experience generating and analyzing statistical reports
  • Experience in performing database administration functions in relation to local field server machines, which contain operational data and data of persons of concern
  • The ability to build and manage local applications (front and back end) to meet operational needs
  • Experience delivering trainings or participation in relevant trainings on data collection, analysis and statistics

Membership obligations and conditions

Accepting membership of the Registration Roster implies accepting the following obligations:

  • The member should be available for deployments with short notice
  • The member should nominate him/herself for deployments on a regular basis
  • The member should on a regular basis update personal data on the member site MyPages
  • The member should commit to active membership of minimum 3 years

The Registration Roster has the right to exclude a member if qualifications no longer match the demands of UNHCR, if he/she is unable to pass UNHCR’s integrity clearance or if performance during a DRC deployment or any other employment is not satisfactory.

Find examples of ToR's for the Registration Roster here:

Terms of Reference Registration Roster
Terms of Reference Registration Roster

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