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Recruitment for the Resettlement Roster

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed on a 6-week cycle. The process takes 1-3 months from beginning to end, reference feedback depending.

The Resettlement Roster is open for recruitment, and is accepting applications on a rolling basis until September 3rd, 2023. Apply for membership.

The application process

Through the DRC online vacancies application system, we ask the candidate to upload:

After review and screening of all applicants, shortlisted candidates may be asked to undertake a written test.

Candidates who pass the test (if applicable), will be invited to participate in an online interview where knowledge of the technical area as well as topics such as personal motivation for joining the roster are explored. We may also conduct language checks during the interview.

References provided by the candidate will be contacted by email during the recruitment process.

Read more about the Resettlement Roster on pro.drc.ngo

Becoming a member of the DRC Resettlement Roster

The following general qualifications are taken into consideration when assessing applications for membership of the Resettlement Roster:

  • Casework experience in one of the following technical areas:
    • Resettlement case processing – interviewing and/or reviewing
    • Best interest assessments and best interest determination of children
    • Refugee status determination
    • Complementary pathways
    • Durable solutions
  • Relevant international field experience
  • Proficiency in at least one official UN language. English is mandatory, while French, Arabic, or Spanish ability is considered a strong advantage
  • Legal background through education and/or work experience
  • Proven knowledge of the international legal framework governing refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced persons and statelessness
  • UNHCR experience, preferably in resettlement and/or refugee status determination contexts
  • Experience working with governmental refugee status determination procedures (on the executive or judicial side)
  • Relevant educational background
  • Ready to work effectively under stressful and hardship environments

Membership obligations and conditions

Accepting membership of the Resettlement Roster implies accepting the following obligations:

  • The member should be available for deployments with short notice
  • The member should nominate themselves for deployments on a regular basis
  • The member should on a regular basis update personal data on the member site MyPages
  • The member should commit to active membership of minimum 3 years

The Resettlement Roster has the right to exclude a member if qualifications no longer match the demands of UNHCR, if they are unable to pass UNHCR’s integrity clearance or if performance during a DRC deployment or any other employment is not satisfactory.


Find examples of Terms of Reference for the Resettlement Roster here:

Terms of Reference Resettlement Roster
Terms of Reference Resettlement Roster

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