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The core competencies are the skills, behaviors and attitudes that we need in order for DRC to be successful. They signal the expected areas and levels of performance while providing us with an indication or map of the behaviors and actions that will be valued, assessed and recognized.

Core competencies

DRC has defined a set of core competencies that employees must posess and exercise in their daily work. The core competencies will secure that DRC as a whole is goal and result oriented, that we have an appropriate and professional tone, and that we hold the highest standards for ethics and behaviour.

Striving for excellence

I focus on reaching results while ensuring efficiency. I strive to produce accurate, thorough and professional work with optimal use of time and effort.


I cooperate with and involve relevant parties, actively seeking their opinion and sharing key information with them. I support and trust others while encouraging feedback.

Taking the lead

I take ownership and prioritize my job according to DRC’s overall vision and goals. I take the initiative when confronted with a challenge or an opportunity and aim for innovative solutions.


I write and speak effectively and honestly while adjusting my style and tone to the situation. I listen actively to others and involve them in the dialogue.

Demonstrating integrity

I uphold and promote the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in relation to DRC’s values and Code of Conduct, including safeguarding against sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment.

DRC's Leadership Concept

The Leadership Concept defines what good leadership means in DRC. We consider good leadership a precondition for our ability to navigate in a continually more complex world and necessary for us to effectively assist people in need.

DRC's Leadership Concept

The Leadership Concept is based on the principle of “Freedom of action with responsibility”, giving the leader freedom and authority to make decisions within their own area of responsibility - a mandate delegated from the manager’s manager. 

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Leaders set a direction that leads to results

Leaders set a direction that leads to results

This requires that leaders

  • take responsibility as managers, while demonstrating authenticity and integrity
  • are open and ensure transparency in decision-making processes
  • are clear about which decisions are joint decisions and which are not
  • clearly communicate relevant information
  • build and develop relationships internally and externally
  • ensure that we prioritize that which creates most value for the organization while initiating necessary changes
Leaders promote a common effort

Leaders promote a common effort

This requires that leaders

  • loyally pursue the strategic goals of DRC, keep budgets and work in accordance with policies, in both word and deed
  • are prepared to intervene in conflicts, whenever necessary
  • establish the best possible environment for productivity and well-being
  • assess and act on opportunities and risks in any given situation
  • are consistent in their expectations and goals
  • give, receive and encourage constructive feedback
Leaders lead the way by living our values

Leaders lead the way by living our values

This requires that leaders

  • live up to our values, core competencies, leadership concept and collaboration standards
  • are honest, fair and appreciative
  • develop themselves and their employees
  • ensure that everyone is listened to and that relevant perspectives are considered
  • support their employees and that employees know what their leaders stand for
  • display respect, care and interest in all employees
  • are courageous and take the lead when it counts
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